Digital Surveys conference
ADS sponsored the conference that took place at INAF Observatory of Capodimonte on Nov. 25-28, 2014.
GMT-ASM unit
The Adaptive Secondary Mirrors unit for the Giant Magellan Telescope takes shape: Value Engineering and prototype activity is ongoing at ADS and Microgate, the AdOptica consortium. The final design activty is scheduled to begin by early 2015. 
E-ELT M4Unit
The preliminary design activity of the E-ELT M4 deformable mirror is being completed by the AdOptica consortium made by ADS and Microgate. The advanced Demonstration Prototype is being tested. Both tasks will be accomplished by March 2015. 
LATT - Large Aperture (space) Telescope Technology
ADS in a team with CGSMicrogateINAF and INO has delivered a 400mm 19 actuators optical breadboard to demonstrate their technology for deformable (active) mirror system for a space application. The prototype is being tested under thermal, vacuum and launch load cases.
SAIt 2014 conference
ADS sponsored the LVIII congress of SAIt that took place in Milan on May 13-16, 2014. Visit the conference web page for more details.
A.D.S. International (ADS) is a private company working in the field of telescope, radiotelescope and astronomical instruments design and production. By working in close co-operation with the Customer we follow our projects from the early feasibility phase down to the construction and field installation. We operate in a industrial facility located near Lecco (Italy), where we have office and laboratory area. We are equipped with up-to-date engineering and design tools and thanks to our mechanical workshop we can prototype directly our products. Moreover, in our own integration and calibration laboratory we perform directly in-house all the most critical steps of the production and qualification process of our instruments, thus assuring the Customer direct and full control of its product. Click on the pictures here below to get an overview of our facilities.
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