A.D.S. International was established in 1997 continuing the experience of ADS Italia, an engineering company that since early 80s contributed to the development of Italian astronomical national observatories: TNG at Canary Islands (E) and LBT in Arizona (USA).

Since then we have been involved in major ground based telescopes programmes with national and international research institutes and agencies.

Images in the carousel: we are glad having contributed to LBT Adatpive Optics system and EHT project with LMT Primary Reflector Active Surface.

CREDITS: Large Binocular Telescope Observatory and Event Horizon Telescope collaboration.

Adaptive Optics

ADS together with Microgate Srl formed the AdOptica consortium offering a novel technological solution to correct the distortions induced by atmospheric turbulence on ground based telescopes. Our large Deformable Mirrors design implements Adaptive Optics (AO) correction directly on the telescope main optics. It has been adopted by most of the present and planned extremely large telescopes.

We have also tailored this technology for space application under ESA TRP activity Large Aperture Telescope Technology -LATT .

Hexapods & Linear Actuators

ADS is specialized in the design and manufacture of high accuracy hexapod and linear actuators suitable for the active control of large telescopes optics. Payloads ranging from 300 Kg to 3800 Kg are actively positioned within displacement accuracy down to submicron and rotation accuracy in the arcsec range.

Telescope and Antenna engineering

ADS has extensive experience in structural and mechanical design, analysis and optimization of telescopes, radio-telescopes and antennas. Activities include the design and manufacture of mirror cells and mounts with both passive and active support of the optics and focal plane optional benches and customized components.